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Funding for bridging purposes

Bridging Finance is short-term finance for anybody who expects some payment of money soon, typically within 3 months. A client uses Bridging Finance to turn profits or assets into cash, without the hassles normally associated with traditional forms of borrowing such as bank loans.

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Funding for capital assets

A business is made up of many different assets. Some businesses are asset rich, and need to be in order to best serve their customers, others have very few assets. All businesses will need a range of assets in order to meet the needs of their customers.

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Funding for growth – Angel Investors

Launched in September 2011, Angelhub connects early stage investors with capital seekers. The funds, expertise and networks of its group of angel investors and founders, aim to create an environment that is conducive to sustainable entrepreneurial success.

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Funding for growth – Private Equity

The Private Equity  industry in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa is receiving a significant amount of interest and funding. In 2012, funds raised in for South African private equity funds amounted to R14.4 billion.

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Funding for growth – Loans

Attracted by its inherent flexibility, availability and safety, many companies are turning to asset based loans as a viable and immediate solution compared to more traditional loan practices.

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